Monday, September 24, 2007

Should Euthanasia or mercy-killing be made legal?

I have always found this word "mercy-killing" very funny....How can mercy and killing exist at the same time?I would rather call it simply,"killing" or provoked suicide".

My question is should euthanasia be made legal or not?
Well, one part of me stands for it and the other part stands against this so-called mercy-killing.

Sometimes it seems wise to let a terminally ill patient to take a physician's help to commit suicide. But than how to determine that the patient is asking for euthanasia, is because he is really going to die or only because he is depressed?Also how to determine whether a prospective heir hasn't driven his wealthy relative, who is terminally ill into going for euthanasia?Also is it ethically right for a doctor or a physician to practice euthanasia, as doctors are supposed to give life and not take it?

If we consider the religious aspect, how correct it is to free a person from his/her sufferings?Is it so easy for a person to kill or help in suicide of another person?Is it easy to see your friends, family members or any dear one going for euthanasia and you can't do anything but just be a mock spectator of it?

Its really difficult (or should i say impossible) for me to arrive at some algorithm which decides whether to approve or disapprove mercy-killing.....