Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why be content?

I have seen many people especially us, Indians who tend to take things for granted or rather too lightly...Most of the times the people are just satisfied with what they have got.They are just simply content with life.
"Why are people so content?",I ask myself.Sometimes I myself do feel content. But still I am trying to seek the reason..
Are we afraid or tired to ask for more?Have we forgotten to fight?
I have tried many times to fight and ask.But most of the times I have found myself waging a lone battle...
I sometimes think, isn't there anyone who feels that we need to wake up and ask for what is our right and what is our need?
I was traveling in a public transport once and as usual it was packed with people like an ant-hole.
I requested one gentleman to vacate the seat where he was seated as it was a seat reserved for ladies.But Mr. Gentleman plainly refused to give up his seat...
I asked the conductor for help but it was in vain..I looked at few ladies around but they too were looking at me as if I had made a mistake of asking for a seat which probably Mr. gentleman seemed to be owning...

Its so sad to see a human being having no feeling for another human being...
I wish people wake-up and make this world a better place to live...
I wish people stop being content....because being content will only stop growth of us as a human being and also as a nation...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The play of supply and demand

We have studied how supply controls the demand and how prices are influenced by both supply and demand. But can we educate masses to properly regulate their demands so that the prices can then be fairly stable.

we can work more efficiently if we are united and the feeling of united comes when there is common goals. Common goals are generally the over all fear with nobody having any specially escape route. Like what happens when there is any natural calamity or nations in war. There situations unit people more. And if the communication is good then a common goal, escape plan can be planned. But seeing things on micro level, suppose in a building with 50 families, if we tell people to use the water adequately as chances of water scarcity is there today. There family will actually start filling more water. And the water would actually be used up more early as predicted. Same logic can be applied to food grains or petrol or anything.

why do we behave in exactly opposite way? When a person is shy he behaves in different way which actually attracts more attention. The very action made to avoid a situation is actually triggered by that action. If we understand all this, I think to some extent things can be easier.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I want to live!!!

I've seen, I've played, I've lived... But when next will I live...

Life was what i saw in my childhood,in my native,

In mountains, Himachal Pradesh was the place I lived the most. Those walks, the breeze then used to talk to me, tell me how life is to be lived. light, free flowing, green... Nothing more to expect. Least bothered about whats happening in crowded cities...

Those journey of hours was more soothing than minutes of walk here in concrete jungle, hell of modernization. Here we are like technology, repair yourself now & then. Meet doctor in every phase of moon. There in mountains life is like trees, nature... Life goes on, nature does all repair,why bother the doctor.

Who needs entertainment of people dancing their soul out to please me, when i've there birds playing their love with me...

Does technology really aids us in living or makes us more dependent on them?
I've had taken bath in open in Himachal at 5 in morning, but now hot water is whats needed.
Watches wake us,or we forgot waking up due to watches?

Soil was there treated/respected as a pure thing,we could wash our hands with it,here soiled hands are dirty...

Makke di roti aur sarso ka saag, is now considered heavy. My grand father's daily stroll was more than my monthly tiring walk. The time I spend there in nature, with goats, sheeps and buffalo is more pleasing, than with formally meeting people here.

The competition was there, and will always be there, but vehicle we use... Is it really helping us. what is most important thing in this life, is it more important than living?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Should Euthanasia or mercy-killing be made legal?

I have always found this word "mercy-killing" very funny....How can mercy and killing exist at the same time?I would rather call it simply,"killing" or provoked suicide".

My question is should euthanasia be made legal or not?
Well, one part of me stands for it and the other part stands against this so-called mercy-killing.

Sometimes it seems wise to let a terminally ill patient to take a physician's help to commit suicide. But than how to determine that the patient is asking for euthanasia, is because he is really going to die or only because he is depressed?Also how to determine whether a prospective heir hasn't driven his wealthy relative, who is terminally ill into going for euthanasia?Also is it ethically right for a doctor or a physician to practice euthanasia, as doctors are supposed to give life and not take it?

If we consider the religious aspect, how correct it is to free a person from his/her sufferings?Is it so easy for a person to kill or help in suicide of another person?Is it easy to see your friends, family members or any dear one going for euthanasia and you can't do anything but just be a mock spectator of it?

Its really difficult (or should i say impossible) for me to arrive at some algorithm which decides whether to approve or disapprove mercy-killing.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knowledge - Information...

"Life is transformation of energy from one for to another." - A macro scientific opinion may sound absurd by majority of us, but its true when you see things at highest macro level (universe) level. But what about economy, politics, humanity, culture and man kind???? Is it way of just engaging ourselves, keeping our mind away from the reality? then again to answer this we need to define what reality is??? and a diplomatic answer for all above will be, It depends!!!

Everybody defines reality as his own comfort. For a Mathematician its numbers... real number or imaginary numbers... a economist who believes supply and demand has relation with price of the product, a religious person might call worshiping god is reality. I say, why to restrict ourselves... lets see from all perspective... limit urself to unlimitedness...

Life if just seen from one perspective, then also you will be happy... but the thrill is challenge yourself, challenge your thoughts... seek more and more knowledge...

Monday, August 13, 2007


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